Keeping Your Information Safe

Cybersecurity and identity theft are hot topics in the financial industry. Bright Bank has invested heavily in systems and processes to ensure we’re doing our part in keeping your personal information and assets secure.

Bright Bank will never ask for your online banking password or PIN number over the phone, by email or in person.

Email Correspondence

Email is such a powerful and efficient communication tool, but with it comes additional risk. We ask that you never email us any of yours or anyone else’s personal information such as Social Security Number, date of birth, account numbers, etc. without using a secure email service. If you need to send information to us securely, contact us at 208.344.5528 to receive instructions on how to access our secure portal. Bank employees will not email personal information to you without using secure email.

Online Banking Security

Bright Bank uses a layered approach to ensuring a safe and secure online banking environment. You’ll notice when you have started an online banking session, the URL will include “https” in green. This means that the website’s security certificate has been verified and it is safe to proceed. The bank uses Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via phone, text or the Authy app to ensure secure logins to online banking. Treasury Management engages a one-time password or token in order to proceed with high-risk transactions.