Determine how much you can afford.

Once you’ve made the decision to buy, it’s important to determine what you can actually afford, so you can avoid getting in over your head. Looking at your income, credit history, and the size of the down payment you have, can give you a general estimate of the price range you might consider. Our loan payment calculator can help you estimate a general payment based on the price point you can afford before you begin your application.  


Get pre-qualified.

When we pre-qualify you, we help you determine how much of a monthly mortgage payment you can likely afford, and how much we may loan you. We do this by considering your income and debts, your employment and credit histories, and your available funds for a down payment.

Once you qualify, we give you what’s called a Pre-Qualification Letter, which says that we are working with you to find the best loan to meet your needs and that we’re confident you’ll qualify for a loan up to a certain amount. Being pre-qualified allows your real estate agent to show sellers that you are a capable borrower and could make the difference in the seller accepting your offer. Contact us to start your pre-qualification today.


Complete your loan application.

Once you’ve selected a property and have a contract with the seller, it’s time to complete your loan application. When the time is right, we’ll order an appraisal of your new home for you.


Wait for your loan approval and funding.

Your realty agent and the seller will work together to designate an escrow/title company to handle the funding of your loan once it’s approved. We’ll coordinate with the escrow company to make sure all the papers your lender will need are in order, and you’ll sign everything at the escrow/title company’s office.

We’re in the business of mortgage loans—simple, cost-effective, and fast. You can count on us to work for you!

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