As the world heals, Bright Bank staff continues to actively take measures to keep our facilities safe and sanitary to ensure our community members are protected, both financially and physically.

• We’re sanitizing all locations, fixtures, and spaces thoroughly, often, and completely.

• Floor markings and plexiglass dividers are in place to help remind everyone to give others the proper amount of personal space.

• Hand sanitizing stations are available for your use.

• Masks are recommended for those not vaccinated. At your request, our team members will happily wear a mask when interacting with you. If you are wearing a mask, please briefly remove your mask when entering the branch and look at the security camera.


If your business has been impacted, there are SBA loan options we can help provide or attain for you. The difference when working with a community bank is that you have immediate access to people that will personally make change happen. We’re here for you, your employees, and the health of your business. Contact one of our commercial bankers at 208.845.0967 and we’ll start the process today.


Limiting public interaction is important for at-risk customers. With our online banking and mobile app, it’s easy and convenient to manage your account from anywhere.